one way to handle uris in bko

Pretty much all semantic web work is obsessed with URI's. Me, not so much. I think they are ugly, and there are possibly better ways to handle it. eg, for a given context, give a source URL, and in that page define the URI's. Anyway, today one way to auto-generate URI's in BKO:
-- load some data:
sa: load fred-sam-friends.sw

-- define our URI operators:
-- first, the op URI operator:
sa: URI |op: *> #=> merge-labels(|URI:> + extract-value |_self>)
-- the general URI operator:
sa: URI |*> #=> merge-labels(|URI:> + |_self>)
Now, see what we have:
sa: URI |op: friends>

sa: URI |Fred>

sa: URI friends |Fred>
|URI:> + |URI:> + |URI:> + |URI:> + |URI:> + |URI:> + |URI:> + |URI:>
I guess that is it. Just note, this is probably not my final word on this topic. I really need to give it more thinking time.

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updated: 19/12/2016
by Garry Morrison
email: garry -at-