working towards natural language

So, it has occurred to me recently that we can make the BKO scheme closer to natural English language by choosing slightly better operator names. This post is in that spirit.

Recall the random-greet example. Let's redo that using more English like operator names:
|context> => |context: greetings play>

hello |*> #=> merge-labels(|Hello, > + |_self> + |!>)
hey |*> #=> merge-labels(|Hey Ho! > + |_self> + |.>)
wat-up |*> #=> merge-labels (|Wat up my homie! > + |_self> + | right?>)
greetings |*> #=> merge-labels(|Greetings fine Sir. I believe they call you > + |_self> + |.>)
howdy |*> => |Howdy partner!>
good-morning |*> #=> merge-labels(|Good morning > + |_self> + |.>)
gday |*> #=> merge-labels(|G'day > + |_self> + |.>)
random-greet |*> #=> apply(pick-an-element-from the-list-of |greetings>,|_self>)
the-friends-of |*> #=> list-to-words friends-of |_self>

the-list-of |greetings> => |op: hello> + |op: hey> + |op: wat-up> + |op: greetings> + |op: howdy> + |op: good-morning> + |op: gday>

friends-of |Sam> => |Charlie> + |George> + |Emma> + |Jack> + |Robert> + |Frank> + |Julie>

friends-of |Emma> => |Liz> + |Bob>
NB: we have created an alias for "pick-elt" so we now call it "pick-an-element-from".
Now, a couple of examples:
sa: random-greet |Sam>
|Greetings fine Sir. I believe they call you Sam.>

sa: random-greet |Emma>
|Good morning Emma.>

sa: random-greet the-friends-of |Sam>
|G'day Charlie, George, Emma, Jack, Robert, Frank and Julie.>

sa: random-greet the-friends-of |Emma>
|Hey Ho! Liz and Bob.>

Update: the above is really just a small hint of things to come. I think it likely we could load up a large part of a brain just by loading the right sw file(s). The key component that is missing is some agent to act as a traffic controller. Once you have stuff loaded into memory, there are a vast number of possible computations. We need some agent to decide which. This maps pretty closely to the idea of "self" and consciousness. But how on earth do you implement that? How do you get code to decide what BKO to invoke? I have some ideas, but they need a lot more thought yet!!

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updated: 19/12/2016
by Garry Morrison
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