mapping mindpixels to bko rules

So, borrowing the data from the now closed mindpixel project, we can show how you would map them to BKO. And I think I prefer the term "molecule of knowledge" rather than "mindpixel".

Anyway, some mindpixels:
	1.00	is icecream cold?
	1.00	is earth a planet?
	1.00	Is green a color?
	1.00	do airplanes fly?
	1.00	Is it hot during the summer?
	1.00	is chile in south america ?
	1.00	Was Socrates a man?
	1.00	Computers use electricity?
	1.00	The dominant language in france is french?
	1.00	was abraham lincoln once president of the united states?
	1.00	Is milk white?
	1.00	do people have emotions?
	1.00	do objects appear smaller as they move away from you?
	1.00	Does the human species have a male and female gender?
	1.00	Is a mountain mostly made of rock?
	1.00	is sun microsystems a computer company?
	1.00	Do you see with your eyes and smell with your nose?
	1.00	Is smoking bad for your health?
	1.00	Does a dog have four legs?
	1.00	Do mammals have hearts?
	1.00	is the Earth a planet?
	1.00	Is water a liquid?
	1.00	Is Bugs Bunny a cartoon character?
	1.00	Do Humans communicate by Telephone?
	1.00	is beer a drink ?
	1.00	are there 12 months in a year?
	1.00	does the sun hurt your eyes when you look at it?
	1.00	Do most cars have doors?
	1.00	is orange both a fruit and a colour?
	1.00	Is water a necessity?
Now as BKO:
is-cold |icecream> => |yes>
is-a-planet |earth> => |yes>
is-a-color |green> => |yes>
does-fly |airplanes> => |yes>
is-hot-during |summer> => |yes>
is-in-south-america |chile> => |yes>
is-a-man |Socrates> => |yes>
uses-electricity |computer> => |yes>
spoken-language |france> => |french>
was-a-us-president |Abraham Lincoln> => |yes>
is-white |milk> => |yes>
have-emotions |people> => |yes>
gender |human species> => |male> + |female>
is-made-of-rock |mountain> => |yes>
is-a-computer-company |sun microsystems> => |yes>
see-with |eyes> => |yes>
smell-with |nose> => |yes>
is-bad-for-your-health |smoking> => |yes>
has-four-legs |dog> => |yes>
has-a-heart |animal> => |yes>
is-a-planet |earth> => |yes> -- duplicate rule
is-liquid |water> => |yes>
is-a-cartoon-character |bugs bunny> => |yes>
communicates-by-telephone |humans> => |yes>
is-a-drink |beer> => |yes>
how-many-months |year> => |number: 12>
hurts-your-eyes-when-you-look-at-it |sun> => |yes>
has-doors |car> => |yes>
is-a-fruit |orange> => |yes>
is-a-color |orange> => |yes>
is-a-necessity |water> => |yes>
Note that "is-something" rules seem kind of pointless, but they are actually very useful when combined with "such-that[condition] some-list".

That's it for this post. I think I made my point.

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updated: 19/12/2016
by Garry Morrison
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